Hi, global friends! Today, I would like to present you a special backpack. It’s called ‘Ggwa-bang’, and made of snacks. This is trending among Korean highschool students these days. You put about ten packs of snacks and buiscuits, and there you are, ‘Ggwa-bang’. Isn’t it super cute?

You might worry that this backpack would be heavy, but that’s not to concern at all because it’s proudly made out of Korean snacks. It’s super light. I say, it’s half-air and half-snack in there, and sometimes there are 80% empty space and only 20% snack in a snack box. Plus, Korean snack companies put much more snack and sell it cheaper outside Korea, but put less snack and sell it waaaay more expensively to Korean people. So, we decided to make some cute backpacks instead of eating them.

Well, yeah, this is just a funny item that will make your friends happy if you give it as a present. Actually, we would be much more happier if we stop making this shit and eat snacks with full contents. Koreans are quite mad about this. Anyway, try making ‘Ggwa-bang’ with Korean ones. It would be super light, cute, and useless but fun item.